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About AI Brussels

The AI Brussels office was spearheaded by CEO Alexis Nsikungu in an effort to respond to the needs of African Diaspora in their quest to return to Africa and by doing so, contributing to the development of their native home. Further, the lack of information on career opportunities in Africa coupled with the diasporans wish to return, led the AI Brussels office to bridge this gap and provide real time solutions.

Afrik Interim Brussels represents the European entity of the Afrik Interim Group. The Brussels office’s position plays a strategic role in our organization; particularly between our Canadian office and our African agencies.

We are continuously looking to extend our network by creating effective partnerships in Europe and Africa. We could all support the resurgence of a skilled workforce in Africa.

Our Vision

To become the leading Pan African group providing world-class HR solutions and services.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Expertise
  • Excellence
  • Humanism
  • Diversity

Our Mission

We provide customized value added solutions and services that respond to the evolving needs of organizations and top talents.

Trust us with your recruitment needs in Africa!

As part of our pan-African approach to human resources management, Afrik Interim is proud to offer profiles of the African diaspora to our clients. The returning African diaspora is attractive for their knowledge of their country of origin, the ease of their cultural acclimatization, and their ability to effectively bridge their western and African experiences. In Africa, we work in a variety of industries including, mining, banking, and telecommunications, to name a few.

Afrik Interim Brussels is mainly involved in the recruitment and HR consultancy:


HR Consultancy

They trust us


Since 2008, our team in Brussels works close to our Headquarters in Kinshasa in the search and selection of Diaspora candidates living outside of Africa wishing to return. AI Brussels has in recent years focused on the development of a pan-African qualitative database to respond efficiently to the needs of its customers in the short to medium term.

Are you a part of the diaspora who would like to go back to Africa?

We understand that finding jobs for people not only takes skill and dedication but also passion. Our team of dedicated professionals have also lived and worked abroad and in Africa, allowing them to have a professional and realistic approach to the recruitment process. We pride ourselves in matching candidates’ needs and goals with those of our clients and we respect our obligations of confidentiality to candidates.

Search jobs in Africa

Do you want a new and exciting life in Canada?

In 2013 Afrik Interim expanded its horizons to recruitment for Canada. We work with a team located in Regina, capital of the region of Saskatchewan. The AI Brussels team in collaboration with the AI Canada team in Saskatchewan will work with you to realize this goal.

AI Canada Website


  • Afrik Interim offers impeccable services and I would certainly recommend them to others. They understood my talents more than I did and took the time to make sure I was the right fit with the culture of the company I now work for.
    Jeanette T.
  • AI is wonderful. They are really good at coaching you through every aspect of the job hunting process. They have been a lifesaver in terms of listening to what I need and then delivering on those needs.
    Jean B.
  • With ease, Afrik Interim guided me through my job hunting journey and pulled me out of unemployment. They offered me one to one counselling and helped find my dream job. They are experts in HR and I will be forever grateful.
    Thierry R.

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Our Office

Afrik Interim Brussels

876a Chaussée de Waterloo,

1000, Bruxelles


Tel: 00 32 26 48 22 72

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HR Consultancy

Having built a solid reputation in recruitment, the Afrik Interim group made the strategic decision to strengthen its expertise by diversifying and engaging in organizational consulting and Human Resources Management.

The expertise of our consultants from diverse sectors allows us to provide support that is tailored to the needs of our clients while taking into account market developments.

Moreover, Afrik Interim Belgium is able to support companies with established entities in Africa or companies wanting to settle in Africa.


AI Brussels operates as a recruitment consulting firm , to meet the needs of European and international companies that want to recruit top talent for the benefit of their growing African entities. Our role is to identify talent who will accompany you with their knowledge in expanding your activities in Africa.

Our assets?

Recruitment Request

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Recruitment Request

Find your next employee using Afrik Interim’s recruitment candidate search. If you have temporary, permanent or contract vacancies to fill, our online candidate database contains a selection of job seekers currently registered with Afrik Interim.

Fill out a recruitment request here or contact our help desk to discuss the very latest talent available in your industry and location.


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Our Commitment to Excellence

In April 2012, the Afrik Interim Group obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification this international certification guarantees the continuous improvement of our performance and ensures a consistent level of service quality. It is an indication of our professionalism and commitment to making clients’ and employees’ satisfaction a priority.

In June 2012, during the 16th International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention, held in Paris, Afrik Interim Group was presented an award for the company’s commitment to service quality and for having obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. This convention is part of the annual program of Business Initiative Directions (BID), which recognizes the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen and women in the business world.

Why work with AI Brussels?
Services involved with hiring a Foreign Worker

Our process for hiring Foreign Workers
Foreign Worker Solution – Trade (Transportation Conductors, Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, Machine Operators)

Organizational Culture Assessment and Development
Succession Planning and Talent Management

Based on our understanding of the market, we have the ability and resources to assist you in executing the following:

Assessment, Coaching and Development

Our assessment center was established to measure individual candidate abilities to occupy a position. As an overall process to validate skills, it includes a series of situational exercises. Companies will often use the center for their recruitment (internal or external) and the evaluation process of their staff (career management, internal mobility, and career development).
Through this service, Afrik Interim accompanies you in managing your talents. We offer guidance in; employee Engagement, facilitated focus groups, 360 feedback and follow-up coaching, and career development planning.

Strategic/Human Resources Planning

With the ever-changing world of business, it is imperative that organizations have a comprehensive human resource strategy that will play a vital role in the achievement of the organization’s overall strategic objectives. An all-inclusive HR strategy will also support other specific strategic objectives undertaken by the marketing, financial, operational and technology departments. At Afrik Interim we help you capture “the people element” of what your organization is hoping to achieve in the medium to long term.

In association with this planning, we also assist in leadership intervention, change management and organizational design

Recruitment and Selection
We understand your business demands

When you work with Afrik Interim, you can be confident that our skilled and committed teams of specialist consultants will find you the best talent match for your business, every time.

We work hard to provide you with a cost effective, valuable recruitment service that will save you time and money. 

We know that your business is unique, and we take the time to get to know your individual requirements so that we can provide you with the top talent who will drive your business profits.

Our recruiters are specialized in the industry segments they work in – we know that your business has particular talent requirements, and we are committed to understanding the details of your individual hiring needs so that we can provide you with a tailor-made recruitment solution.

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